21 Kgs Weight Loss In 5 Months

An amazing weight loss success story in his own words…

“Hi, my name is Yogesh Sawant. I’m happy to share my weight loss journey that I followed at Club Nutrim. 5 months ago, I weighed over 97kgs, and even climbing a set of staircase from parking to lift lobby was a challenge for me. Under the guidance of Madhura Shah and Supriya Dhumale, my wellness coaches at the Club, I started my weight loss journey. With an excellent calorie management program and adapting healthy active life style I reduced a phenomenal 21 kgs in just 5 months. No crash dieting, no medicines or rigorous exercise routines, just balanced nutrition was the key to my result. Not only did I lose my excess weight, but my fitness levels have also increased. A person like me who was obese few months back, can now do 100 suryanamaskars in 37 mins. In addition to this I can also run 3 KM in 17 mins flat. This is like a dream come true.

Thanks Nutrim for reshaping my life and confidence.”

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