Be a part of our activities that help you participate in communities that help build motivation and drive to achieve faster and better results.

Fun Run

Need that extra push to get you running? Well running need not be as boring as it has been until now, because Nutrim gets you out and on the move with group runs that will make it a Fun Run experience. Such group runs help you to stay motivated and stick to your schedule. As we all know that consistency is the key to develop a discipline in our lifestyle. We aim at providing you with all that you need to go that extra mile and conquer your own marathon.

Group Exercise

How to stick to an exercise routine without giving up and thereby see better results? By joining up with your workout buddies- That’s why we believe in group workouts. It keeps you motivated to complete that 3rd set and keeps you going for more. Join us at our centre and you also have the added benefit of a professional trainer to guide you.


For those who like to add a zing to their moves Nutrim offers special Zumba classes to keep you on the move in a fun and active way. Zumba is fast gaining popularity among fitness and dance enthusiasts. It is the combination of dance and aerobic movements that will help you keep fit while you enjoy every bit of it.


Nutrim brings you an opportunity to explore the beauty of nature while keeping fit. Trekking is an amazing exercise that keeps your heart pumping with a breath-taking experience. It gives you an aerobic experience, builds stamina, strengthens your core and fills you with the refreshing air and view around you.So whether you are a nature enthusiast or an amateur, this experience will keep you wanting more.


The whole world is now embracing the benefits of yoga. Build your core, enhance energy levels, bring balance and poise to your physical and spiritual side. Nutrim offers you Yoga classes which you can take personally or in groups as per your preference.

Fitness Challenges

Explore new levels of fitness, in yourself and also with your workout buddies throughout Fitness Challenges. Challenge your peers in a fun filled competitive workout. Find out who can do maximum number of reps, most number of sets and lift the heaviest weights. Challenge your body to break outside the comfort levels and discover highs in your strength and stamina.

Wellness Education

Nutrim provides you with Wellness Education sessions to keep you up to date on your health and fitness aspects. Learn how to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle, how to eat healthy and exercise to stay in your best shape.  Activities, small talks, sessions, presentations, etc help you stay healthy- always!

Parties & Celebrations

Break out of your busy daily routine and lift your glasses (of yummy nutritious shakes!!!) to celebrate. We love an occasion to party with families, be it any festival, birthdays or recognition on achieving your goals. Small fun filled occasions to celebrate life!!!

Cookery Sessions

We offer cookery classes that help you bring variety into your kitchen. It is an opportunity to relook at our daily menus and replace unhealthy cooking styles and habits with wholesome and nutritious options. It’s a part of your new lifestyle that helps in staying healthy and active.

Protein Snack Party

Get together and enjoy delicious and sumptuous snacks prepared and contributed by all the Nutrim club members. Something like a healthy potluck. Get a chance to have healthy and tasty preparations and also cast your vote for your favourite dish. And guess what, you can end up winning exciting prizes!