Body Transformation

Weight loss is not about just losing a few kilos it is about getting healthier and fitter than what you are at present. In the year 2014, I weighed 80 kgs. Low immunity, body pain, low energy, complete ignorance about exercise & fitness and very poor health were all an integral part of me. I was sick and fed up with my condition but just could not find a way out. And then I met my wellness coach and the journey of a magical Body Transformation began.

Weight Loss

Within 6 months I lost 22 kgs, body pain disappeared, immunity and energy levels also improved. During the journey of weight loss I realised the importance of the 80-20 rule. If you want to lead a healthy life you need to focus on 80% nutrition & diet and 20% on exercise. The 80% helped me lose weight and now I had to focus on the 20% to improve my health n fitness levels.

Improved Fitness

First time in 35 years I decided to try my hand at exercise. The first few weeks were really difficult. I had no idea I had so many muscles in my body that were actually unused for so many years. Day after day my stamina started improving and I really started enjoying exercise. Then I heard about the PRBM marathon and decided that I would give it my best shot. Began training for it and finally on 16th October 2016, I participated in my first marathon and completed 5 kms in 40 min. Of course, this is not a great timing but I have a new challenge now, to workout harder and improve my timing.

This journey of body transformation has been truly amazing. At the age of 23, I could barely climb a few steps of the Sinhagad fort before I got breathless and had to rest. But today at the age of 37, I am in great shape and can run 5 kms. This is truly an achievement that I am very proud of.

ClubNutrim, Bavdhan,Pune

Through these 2 years I have also been able to inspire many others to achieve their health goals through my Nutrition Club, Nutrim. I have been part of their journey towards improving their health and fitness. Guiding and educating others about the importance of a healthy active lifestyle is what we do at Nutrim. We have people from the age of 18 years to 70 years who are part of the Nutrim club family and are working towards improving their health and fitness under our guidance. Some of the Nutrim club members also participated in this Marathon with me and feels great seeing them achieve their health and fitness goals.

So, If I can too. All you need to do is decide today that you want a healthier tomorrow. We are here to help in case you need guidance and motivation. Call us on 8888833348 or book an appointment and we will get back to you.

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