We understand that tremendous effort to fight your body’s nature and restrict yourself from food or to exercise just for the sake of burning calories.At Nutrim, we help you find your healthy weight by learning how to eat what you want in a way that makes you feel well, move your body for pleasure and well-being, begin to change negative body image, and manage weight-related stress. Our programs not just help you to look great but also feel better about yourself!

Weight loss programme

Lose weight up to 3 to 4 kg a month in a healthy way that helps you achieve better results. Nutrim helps you achieve this with a healthy and active meal plan which you can easily adapt into your new healthy and active lifestyle. No crash diets or fad diets that only lead to rebound weight gain. But rather a healthy approach to a better you.

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Weight gain programme

With the weight gain program at Nutrim you not only can gain weight but also your confidence. Gain body mass and self confidence in our Nutrim Weight Gain Program. As our focus is a healthy and active lifestyle we ensure that you gain a healthy 2-4 kgs of muscle weight and keep the body fat in the healthy limits.

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Fat loss programme

Not just weight loss but fat loss should be your goal. Your BMI maybe in the healthy range, your weight may be near ideal, but you may find yourself exhausted and weak by the end of the day. Sounds familiar? At Nutrim, we work on building a healthy and active lifestyle by changing the body fat to lean muscle ratio and help you achieve ideal body composition without affecting your weight significantly. Sign in to look and feel healthy.

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Body Transformation

This entire transformation journey of finding a NEW YOU is really something everyone should work towards. At Nutrim we are with you every step of the way. Nutrim’s Transformation program helps you transform yourself to bring out the best in you. We test your endurance levels and push you to higher levels of fitness with our Workout Challenge. Experience new levels of stamina & energy and pack more punch into your daily routine.

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